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Below is a list of resources that may be of interest to Crown Attorneys, the legal community and the public at large.  These sites are shared for convenience and information purposes.  While we try to ensure these sites are up to date and provide accurate information, they are external to MACA and no endorsement is made of the content on these sites.



Crown Counsel Associations

Association of Law Officers of the Crown

Association of Justice Counsel

Association des Juristes de l’Etat (AJE)

B.C. Crown Counsel Association

Canadian Association of Crown Counsel

International Association of Prosecutors

National District Attorneys Association

Ontario Crown Attorney’s Association:

Saskatchewan Crown Attorney’s Association:

Legal Associations

Law Society of Manitoba

Canadian Bar Association

The Advocates Society

Criminal Lawyers Association

Legal Directories

Canadian Legal Information Institute

Canadian Law Schools & Libraries Director

Jurist Canada

Centre for Research in Public Law

Gahtan’s Law Links

Legal Links

Ontario Courts

Supreme Court of Canada Decisions

Manitoba Law Libraries Online Public Access Computer (OPAC) Government Of Manitoba Electronic Statutes:

Manitoba Court Registry System: Manitoba Courts – Main Page:

Manitoba Courts – Notices and Practice Directions:

Manitoba Justice – Main Page:

City of Winnipeg Consolidated By-Laws:

CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute):

ACJNet (Access to Justice Network):

Community Legal Education Association (CLEA):

Law Phone-In and Lawyer Referral Program:

Legal Aid Manitoba:

Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba:


E.K. Williams Law Library, University of Manitoba Elizabeth Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba:

University of Winnipeg Library:

John E. Robbins Library, Brandon University:

Manitoba Legislative Library:

Winnipeg Public Library:

Law Society of Upper Canada – Great Library:

Law Society of Saskatchewan Libraries:

British Columbia Courthouse Library Society (BCCLS):

Links for Lawyers

Canadian Bar Association (CBA):

Manitoba Bar Association (MBA):

Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association:

Federation of Law Societies of Canada:

Legal Data Resources (Manitoba) Corporation:

The National Committee on Accreditation:

American College of Trial Lawyers Code of Pre-trial and Trial Conduct